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At Mondo Corsini, we are committed to long term sustainability and responsible business practices. We are conscious of our social responsibilities in the way we manage our business activities. We are on a journey to discover and establish more environmentally friendly practices.  

We believe our brand proposition of timeless, beautifully made designs with enduring appeal naturally promotes moderate consumption. To us, this is the anti-thesis of throwaway fashion and over consumption. We offer styles which can be revisited from year to year, be styled a multiple of ways and which will work hard in your wardrobe.  

Read on to explore the ways we are working towards our sustainability objectives. 

Carbon footprint

We are registered with Carbon Neutral, and have committed to planting a tree for every Mondo Corsini dress sold. Carbon Neutral has established a large-scale reforestation project across 10,000 hectares of the West Australian Wheatbelt. Learn more at This is one way we work to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We work to minimise waste across our organisation and recycle materials wherever possible.

In store, our products are presented in reusable organic cotton tote bags and our online orders arrive in boxes made from recycled materials, which are themselves fully recyclable.  

Natural and materials

All our designs are made from noble, natural materials such as pure linen and cotton. Relying on non-synthetic fibres helps to reduce the amount of harmful micro plastics being released into the environment and our oceans.

Linen is a naturally eco-friendly material, requiring much less water and pesticides in the production process.  We adore working with linen and offer most styles in a linen option in our range.

We understand organic cotton uses significantly less water and energy to produce than its non-organic equivalent and we use organic cotton in our labels, tags and carrier bags. We aim to introduce organic cotton styles in coming collections with a key longer-term objective of offering only organic cotton.

Our suppliers use no harsh chemical dyes. 

Re-purposing and up-cycling

Alongside our collections, we occasionally offer selections of vintage clothes, accessories, homewares and furniture, and some products which are repurposed from vintage materials. We love breathing new life into vintage pieces and will always be inspired by the simplicity and enduring beauty of special pieces we discover on our travels.

Responsible partners 

We partner with UK-based suppliers and a small number of international manufacturers to source and produce our products. Our key international supplier is SEDEX certified, and their social and environmental standards are continually assessed. As we grow, we will strive to ensure we continue to work with partners who share our vision and are committed to their social and environmental responsibilities.