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Article: Susan's musin'

Susan's musin'

Not long ago, a client asked me a question which stopped me in my tracks. As a corporate adviser, I had been lucky enough to meet and work with many successful entrepreneurs over the years and was forever inspired by their stories. In fact, a big part of my work was in telling their stories. One day, a client turned to me and asked me what my story would be, it got me thinking.

To be honest, the idea of launching Mondo had been percolating in my mind for a long time. I wanted to create a platform which allowed me to work with amazing makers and creatives on collections embodying the Mondo attitude. Not only that, I wanted to indulge my inner magpie, to trawl flea markets across Europe, source antiques and textiles in exotic locations and breathe life back into them. Sounded like fun. 

For years, making such a dramatic life change to bring this story to life seemed an outrageous option. But after a while, not giving it a go seemed the impossibility.

So, here we are. I genuinely hope you love what you find here, and find a little fun with us.  Here’s hoping this is only the beginning!

Susan Corsini   


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